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Putting The Car Before The Horse

Ford in New Zealand - Putting The Car Before The Horse

Henry Ford did not invent the motor car – he simply made it available to the masses.  From the earliest days the cars that came from the Ford Motor Company were built to be not just affordable, but durable.  They had to be, because roads weren’t really roads as we know them today.  They were tracks for horse and cart and, with the advent of the Model T Ford, the motorcar suddenly became a much more efficient form of transport than the horse, and it changed society.  Putting the Car Before the Horse tells the story of how that was achieved in New Zealand.


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“To really know about Ford in New Zealand, one needs to read John Stokes’ book.”

Ross Benedict, Model T Ford Club, Ontario, Canada

“If ever there was a definitive historical book about the iconic Ford motor vehicle in New Zealand, this is it!  FORD IN NEW ZEALAND is a magnificently researched history….
“A must have.”

Piccadilly Books, Christchurch


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