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Driving Ahead

Ford in New Zealand - Driving Ahead

The story of Ford in New Zealand had never been told before John Stokes’ book Driving Ahead was released by New Holland Publishing. The thorough research is evident in this comprehensive history of the Ford marque in New Zealand, which begins with the arrival of the very first Ford in New Zealand in 1904 (photo included), through to the 20’s and the 30’s, when the Ford Motor Company of New Zealand was founded. The motor industry became huge business for New Zealand and Driving Ahead considers all the influences, and in plain English. What the “No Remittance” scheme was all about; why the need for overseas funds to buy a car – or a truck – or a tractor? Why New Zealand switched allegiance from American cars to British ones – and then the Japanese invaded! This book is essential reading for anyone interested in our once-vibrant motor industry and in New Zealand history.

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“…an excellent example of what a marque history should be:  thoroughly researched, well written and with a great range of illustrations.  You don’t need to be a Ford fan to get a great deal of pleasure from this book; it will be a great read for anyone with an interest in motoring in New Zealand.”

Beaded Wheels magazine, NZ - Feb/Mar 2021

“My copy of John Stokes’ Ford In New Zealand arrived this weekend and I am so very impressed. Although I am only on Chapter 3, I can already tell that this is an exceptionally well researched and well written book. John provides so much social, political and economic context, as well as product details. John is also a very good writer who never gets bogged down by the great amount of information that he is providing. The look is also first rate. The book is lavishly illustrated from a variety of sources. Also, a lot of interesting side bars and first-person accounts.”

Michael MacSems The Geography of Ford - Washington State, USA, May 2022

“The history of Ford in New Zealand was a fascinating read, extensive and well researched. It was the second in the series and I would have liked to read the first one. I liked the personal aspects….
“The book was beautifully put together, a real tribute to the author and publisher. Ford should be very happy.”

Brian Cutting review for Auckland City Libraries, June 2022

“…this heavyweight 380-page book maintains the outstanding quality (of the first book) and it would be hard to think of any aspect of Ford’s local history that isn’t included.  A must-have for Ford enthusiasts.”

Classic Driver magazine, Jan-Feb 2021  


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