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The history of Ford in New Zealand

Almost four hundred pages of meticulous research, supported by superb images and colourful stories that brings the history to life.

Discover the vibrant history of Ford in New Zealand - the brand, the cars and the people - carefully curated by author, John Stokes.

Driving Ahead into the 20th Century

The story of Ford in New Zealand had never been told before John Stokes’ book Driving Ahead was released by New Holland Publishing. The thorough research is evident in this comprehensive history of the Ford marque in New Zealand, which begins with the arrival of the very first Ford in NewZealand in 1904 (photo included), through to the 20’s and the 30’s, when the Ford Motor Company of New Zealand was founded. The motor industry became huge business for New Zealand and Driving Ahead considers all the influences, in plain English. What the “No Remittance” scheme was all about; why the need for overseas funds to buy a car – or a truck – or a tractor? Why New Zealand switched allegiance from American cars to British ones – and then the Japanese invaded! This book is essential reading for anyone interested in our once-vibrant motor industry and in New Zealand history.

Also by the Author...

Henry Ford did not invent the motor car – he simply made it available to the masses.  From the earliest days the cars that came from the Ford Motor Company were built to be not just affordable, but durable.  They had to be, because roads weren’t really roads as we know them today.  They were tracks for horse and cart and, with the advent of the Model T Ford, the motorcar suddenly became a much more efficient form of transport than the horse, and it changed society.  Putting the Car Before the Horse tells the story of how that was achieved in New Zealand.


View the impressive lineup of cars for every year of Ford's history, from the 2003 event celebrating the Centenary of Ford.


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